A youngest digital marketer & Musical artist from Bangladesh

In this day and age, where commercial marketing is under pressure through online competition between big tech giants, the new Indian concept has raised hopes of global reach, for all of us. Mk Sabbir Rahman, a digital marketing entrepreneur, surprised everyone with her expertise and creativity.


Mk Sabbir Rahman known as the youngest businessman. We are from Bangladesh Dhaka. Who is now the CEO of Presswirebd & Mk Sabbir Digital Media ”.

He has embarked on his digital marketing career or journey from 15 years. Because of his interest in digital technology, he was able to open his vision. He was probably a traveling student of his school.


His success


The founder of digital media company, Mk Sabbir Digital Media, Ms Sabbir Rahman has become an expert in the field of digital marketing. Mk Sabbir Digital Media offers their views on website design, Instagram management, online media publishing, Google graphs, YouTube graphic design design, and Wikipedia design. Most importantly, you are looking for more digital marketing projects and campaigns from various companies. She has also worked as a digital media coordinator at many Bollywood news houses.


The Story Behind the Scenes


Mk Sabbir Rahman hails from Kaliakoir village, Gazipur. From a young age of 14, the digital marketing industry was a favorite of hers, and encouraged her to learn about online geography. His consistent efforts and passion became the foundation of his company, which he created at just 17 years of age. He is an inspiration to the entire generation of young people, who want to build a career with both hands. Sabbir is still an active student and says it is important to know the dynamic and vibrant nature of digital marketing